Broom. An International Magazine of the Arts.

New York/Rome/Berlin: Harold A. Loeb, 1921-1924.



Editors: Harold A. Loeb and Alfred Kreymborg (who resigned after the 4th issue). Associate editor: Edward Storer, American editor : Lola Ridge. The complete run from November 1921 through January 1924 counts 21 issues. Broom began as a fairly eclectic melange of "spiritualized poetry" and mild abstractions, but soon move closer to the Dada tendencies of Robert Coady's magazine 'The Soil', and soon surpassed it in its courtship of all things European and extreme. Each issue appeared with a specially commissioned cover from artists such as Juan Gris,Man Ray, El Lissitzky, Fernand Leger, Gordon Craig, Louis Marcoussis, Enrico Prampolini and Natalia Goncharova. Among the contents of a specifically Dada nature are poems by Fretag-Loringhoven, rayographs by Man Ray, works by Vitrac, Arp and others. The Final two issues, in true Dada style, attracted the ire of postal authorities who warned the editor not to print any licentious material. As the magazine did not comply, it was banned