Vadim Brodsky

(1945 - )



Vadim Brodsky

7 Стихов Льва Друскина

7 poems by Lev Druskin

Stuttgart: Brodsky, 2021

276 x 145 mm. leporello

Edition: 7. Copy no. 7/7



Leporello (22 pages) of computer print. An artist's book by Brodsky to commemorate the 100th birthday of the poet Lev Druskin (1921-1990). Born in Leningrad, the poet attended classes by Samuil Marshak. In 1980 his diaries were confiscated, the content of which was the reason for exclusion from the USSR. He was forced to emigrate to Germany (December 1980). He died 1990 in Tübingen.