Vadim Brodsky

(1945 - )


Vadim Brodskii

дневник детства

A childhood diary

St. Petersburg: Brodsky, 1996

190 x 160 mm. pages nn

Edition: 16. Copy nr. 5






In this book, Vadim Brodsky takes eight days, from Sunday to Sunday, to take a trip on memory lane. As he explains in the epilogue: I was born in the last year of the war. Seeking to revive my childhood impressions of the early fifties, some trifling remarks heard then, some faces seen then, some small details and unimportant things come to my mind, returning from the past. But does not life consist mainly of these unimportant details? The names of the days simply served as sign posts on my way to the past. For each day of the week another detail is illustrated on double page spread. The first letter of the day as well as the illustration are lithographed in black. The text in red or black is added on strips of paper glued to the pages. The pages are bound in accordion-like fashion between black covers. The imprint details as well as the epilogue cited above are written in English as well as Russian. Brodsky had started to look across Russias borders. The year before this book was made Brodsky participated with Karasik in the organization of the exhibition The book garden held in Bristol, UK. He also designed the catalogue to that show. A little later he emigrated to Stuttgart, Germany, where he now lives.


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