Vadim Brodsky

(1945 - )


Vadim Nevgin

Тень Света

Попытка портрета

Shadow of light

An attempt to a portrait

St. Petersburg: Brodsky, 1994

170 x 200 mm. 28 pages

Edition: 17. Copy nr. 11/17


The lithographs are signed and numbered 13/22



Shadow of light was written illustrated and published by Vadim Brodsky. The artist who wrote under the pen-name Nevgin. In the second half of the 1990s Brodsky illustrated and designed a great number of  books. However, he has made only a few artistís books of his own production. The first was The white horse, created in 1991, followed by Autumn in 1992. Shadow of light was his third book. By then he had been involved in the realization of the Paper theatre exhibitions (for which he designed the first catalogue) held at the Akhmatova Museum in the early 1990s. In these exhibitions his books stood out among his contemporaries as he chose to use only his own writings, rather than illustrate other authors. (Bristol 1995, p. 23)


Bristol 1995, p. 23

Eindhoven 2019, no. 23