Theodore Brenson

Бренсон, Федор Сидорович

Graphic artist, painter, art historian

Born Riga, 27 November 1892

Died Peterborough (NH, USA), 21 September 1959


Brenson spend his youth in Riga. After school went to study art and architecture at the Art Academy in St. Petersburg and art history at the Moscow University. In 1917 returned to Riga, where in 1923 he got a degree in architecture at the university. In 1924 went to Rome where he had his first one-man show. Brenson went to live in Paris in 1929. There he was active as a portraitist,  illustrator and designer of Sevres porcelain. In 1941, at the outbreak of the War, he went New York where he switched to abstract art.