Fedor Bogorodskii

Богородский, Федор Семенович


Born Nizhnii Novgorod, 2 June 1895

Died Moscow, 3 November 1959


Bogorodskii studied at private studios in Nizhnii Novgorod before leaving for Moscow in 1914 where he studied at the Moscow State University. He became interested in futurism and made friends with Khlebnikov, Aseev and Maiakovskii. After the revolution he worked as a political agitator to the Cheka in Nizhnii Novgorod and as a commissioner  of the Don sailor detachment. After a head injury he was sent to head the Nizhnii Novgorod art department. In 1922 he moved to Moscow and studied at the Vkhutenmas under A. Arkhipov.  He worked from 1938 to1959 as head of painting and drawing at the Moscow Institute of Cinematography.