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Ivan Narodny

The Skygirl

New York: The Britons, [1925]

255 x 181 mm. 104 pages.

Edition: unknown.







The Skygirl, a mimodrama in three acts on a star with prologue and epilogue on Earth was performed on July 8, 1923, at Harbor Hill, the Roslyn estate of Mr. Clarence H. Mackay. Some of the main roles were acted by the artists who designed the scenery and costumes of the play. David Burliuk, who designed the first scene, played the part of Luna. Vladimir Bobritsky, who designed some of the costumes, had the part of Chronos. The New York Herald ran an extensive review of the performance the following day. The play, a monodrama in the tradition of Evreinoff, was not available in print at the time. Only two years later, in September 1925, this book appeared, after parts had been published in The Pilgrims Almanach. Narodny published 14 designs and drawings in the book, all by Russian artists even though American artists  had contributed to the original play as well. The cover, a design by Bobritsky, shows skyscrapers diagonally placed with a towering antenna, looking prophetically like a satellite. The design relates to the content of the story, an early example of a science fiction tale for the theatre. Bobritsky combines elements from linear constructivism with the technical fascination of Lozowick’s machine drawings.


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