Maurice Blond

Блюм (Блонд), Морис


Born Lodz (Poland) 1899.

Died Clamart (France) 22 October 1974


Blond's father was a merchant who arrived in Poland from Russia. Blond went to Russian grammar school in Lodz and studied later science at the Warsaw University. In 1923 he enrolled in the Warsaw School of Fine Arts but soon left for Berlin where he met Issachar Ryback, Abraham Mintchine and Constantine Tereschkovich. Early in 1924 he arrived in Paris and took lodgings in Montparnasse. He made friends with Jean Pougny, Pinchus Kremegne and Mikhail Larionov, in 1930 he was among the founders of the Chisla art journal published in Russian, under the aegis of which exhibitions were organized. During the Nazi occupation he went into hiding in Grenoble changing his name from Bloume into Blond. After the war he lived in Paris.