Rostislav Barto

Барто, Ростислав Николаевич

Graphic artist, painter

Born Moscow, 13 December 1902

Died Moscow, 1974


Barto studied from 1922 to 1926 at the graphics department of the Moscow Vkutein under V. Favorskii, N. Kupreianov, I. Nivinskii and P. Pavlinov. In 1926 he changed to painting and studied until 1930 under A. Shevchenko. In 1929 Barto became a member of the OST group. Between 1930 and 1933 he worked successfully on experiments with the monotype together with Shevchenko. In 1933 he had, as a peak of his success, a one man exhibition in the Moscow Pushkin Museum. In 1938 he was accused of 'formalism' and after he worked more on landscapes.