Victor Barthe

Барт, Виктор Сергеевич

Painter, graphic artist

Born Velichaevo (Stavropol), 8 April 1887

Died Moscow, 27 Mai 1954


Barthe studied 1906-1911 at the college for painting in Moscow and 1911-1912 at the Academy under Ia. F. Tsionglinskii in St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg he worked 1912 in 'the tower' with Grishchenko, Popova, Tatlin en Zdanevich. He returned to Moscow and became acquainted with Larionov, Goncharova, Burliuk en Maiakovskii and exhibited with the 'Donkey's Tail' (1912) and the Bull's Eye (1913). The first day of wordl-war I he was mobilized and 1917 went with the Russian Expedition Army to Algiers. He stayed in Algiers till 1919 and emigrated to Paris. In Paris he lived in the same house as Larionov and Goncharova. In 1921 he had an exhibition in Gallery Povolozky. His graphics were published in the leftish French press as Clarté (1922-25) and Le Monde (1928-35). In 1936 he returned to Moscow.