Sergei Baikalov-Latyshev

Байкалов-Латышев, Сергей Николаевич


Born Harbin(?), 1906

Died Saint-RaphaŽl, 9 April 1983


Baikalov-Latyshev studied at the Harbin Cadet Corps school and was transferred to Kiev. In 1920 he was evacuated to Yugoslavia. He studied architecture and philosophy at the Belgrade University and took art lessons at Kolesnikov's studio. In the Second World war he fought as a lieutenant of the Russian Cossacks. In 1946 he left Yugoslavia and wandered through Germany, France and Italy. In 1950 he settled in Santiago, Chili working as a marine painter. In 1970 he returned to Europe and lived in Spain and then in the south of France.