Valentin Andrievich

Андриевич, Валентин Валентинович

Graphic artist, puppeteer, scenographer

Born Verzhbolovo, 20 May 1908

Died Moscow, 13 March 1985


Andrievich was born in Verzbolovo (Suvalk province, East Poland) in a military family. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Kursk where studied drawing at the art studio of M.N.Yakimchenko-Zabuga. He earned a living as a scenographer for the theatre of the Kursk Club of Education Workers. In 1926 Andrievich moved to Leningrad continuing his art studies while working at the Mariinskii Theatre. In 1938 he made his debut at the Moscow Regional Puppet Theatre and became 1941 head of the theatre still working as a director, puppeteer and artist. In 1944 he became the chief artist of the Moscow S.V.Obraztsov Puppet Theatre, designing all the puppets for the adult performances. In 1954 he started illustrating children’s book and collaborated with the children’s magazine Murzilka.